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By implementing a series of optical simulation test and graphic analysis according to Graphical User Interface software, we can generate actuarial luminous flux prior product development.


Superior Efficiency Reflector Technology
The ideal illumination of flashlight requires sufficient light intensity and a degree extensity. In other words, the light illumination at horizontal way needs to be well-controlled to achieve higher efficiency of optics.

The watt (symbol: W) is a derived unit of power in the International System of Units. The higher watt means more power consumption, however there may not be positive correlation in between Watt and electronic device performance. As for LED, the figure of watt is not directly reflected to the degree of brightness.
“Lumen” means the amount of light source and higher lumen generally emitted better light. However, in reality, the LED lumen may suffer from various factors which cause a degree of light emission loss.

The light source (ex: LED lamp) is controlled and projected by the optical structure, including light reflection, refraction, and projection etc.. In addition, uncontrollable light radiation from scattering and diffraction both will impact then reduce light emission.

Moreover, the heat often results from higher LED power consumption (over 1W) will inherit light depression.

The light is projected outside the lamp in terms of “ Light extraction” . “ Light extraction rate” has mainly affected by the design of optics and heatsink, plus all other components quality.