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DAYSUN Technology Ltd. was established in 1975, specializing in sunglasses, safety glasses and safety flashlights. With nearly 30-year knowledge and experiences, our company has developed and towards to be a professional international manufacturer In 1998, we passed the ISO9001 Quality Certificate successfully. DAYSUN seeks to expand in production line and any good opportunities to enter the flashlights industry in 2008. That's why our R&D always insists to develop high quality products such as LED accessories which includes intrinsically safe flashlights with UL certified for use in hazardous environments.

To enhance our high quality manufacturing facilities and best services, we believe people's enthusiasm for the pursuit of new things will never cease. In order to meet clients demands, DAYSUN continues the research, innovation, so that we can use good quality, along with the full convenience from the previous to the present development, in the experience of many years of hard work and innovation for clients trust, and will have today's brilliant results.


Our company is as strong as the Quality of the Products and Services that we represent.We design our products with the best technology available.Our powerful UL-approved lights are as tough as they come.Always be versatility and durability.


Intrinsically Safe Flashlights
Industrial Flashlights
Professional Flashlights
Water proof / Submersible Flashlights
Customized Flashlights (ODM / OEM)